Building Your Ghostwriting Portfolio When Most Assignments Are a Secret


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Join Valerie Bordeau in an in-depth interview with Lauren Tharp.




Lauren Tharp is the founder of Little Zotz Writing and associate editor at Bea Freelance Blogger. Through LittleZotz Writing, Lauren has worked as a writer & marketer for a television mini-series, an online radio network, a designer headphone company, and a number of small business owners around the world.


Join us as we discuss how to build your portfolio as a ghostwriter when most of your assignments are a secret.



-The importance of continued marketing even when you already have clients

– How a new writer can break into ghost writing with clients that pay well

-Some of the biggest mistakes writers commonly make when ghost-writing

-Common problems and pitfalls

And a whole lot more!


Lauren’s Recommended Resources


LittleZotz Writing– Weekly blog posts, bi-monthly newsletters, and free e-books! – Writing for the young and young at heart. Get a free copy of The Ballad of Allison and Bandit and learn more about me! 

Sophie Lizard’s Client Hunting Masterclass– You’ll learn exactly how to find freelance blogging clients, and what to say to win the best gigs

The Writer’s Market books(I use The Writer’s Market Deluxe).

Be a Freelance Blogger Forum– Ask your questions, share your story, and make new freelance blogging friends.

Careful Cents Club– a free private newsletter and group, where like-minded online entrepreneurs talk business, books and grow with each other

Secrets of a Freelance Writer by Robert Bly -the authoritative guide to making big money as a commercial freelance writer

35+ Resources I’m Thankful for This Year – 35+ more resources I love and use in my everyday writing life.

The Pros and Cons of Ghostwriting (and Why You Should Hire One!)

Video Answers– You ask; I answer!

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